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g suite promo

g suite promo
« en: 08 de Octubre de 2019, 01:20:27 am »

Hello friends, how are you? pleased to greet you, I tell you that with the g suite promo, you can store information about your company in the cloud, this is a tool that offers google to enjoy applications that can save us time and work, the good thing is that the promotion will be in effect until the end of the year, if it is a small company that is just starting, do not worry about transactional emails until you start sending large volumes of emails. You can start with just G Suite for all your needs and you won't have any problems. In addition, some of the providers, such as Mailgun, let you send 10,000 transactional emails per month for free. So, in many cases, this doesn't have to be an extra expense. And additional emails after that limit only cost pennies to send. One of the biggest benefits of using G Suite in your business is that most of your employees are probably already used to using products like Gmail and Google Docs. This makes the transition very easy and ensures you don't have to waste time explaining to new employees how to use the company's tools; unlike Zoho or Office 365 where you might need to give some explanations.
G Suite also has the best compatibility for mobile devices compared to any other email provider. It just works, everywhere! And if you already have a personal Gmail account, Google makes it easy to switch between one-click accounts (Gmail personal account and G Suite account). When it comes to availability, Google is one of the best in terms of reliability. If you want to dig deeper into the technical details, G Suite offers a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA) for covered services, and in recent years has even exceeded that percentage. In addition, because email is such an important part of every business, G Suite has no scheduled downtime or maintenance windows. All of its data centers are built with a redundant infrastructure.
But like any other service, they can't always work without fail. So you can always add the G Suite status panel to bookmarks to receive status updates on all your products.

There are other providers that are cheaper, such as Zoho (we'll make a comparison later). However, just as we always recommend that you invest in a managed WordPress hosting, your business email is not one of those areas where you should try to save money. Having an email host you can trust can save you money in the future.

G Suite is based on the Google Cloud Platform, which offers the highest security in the market. It is trusted by some of the world's largest companies, including HP, Verizon, Whirlpool and Salesforce. As Google says, they maintain leadership with a "safety first mentality. They have the industry-leading knowledge and experience to support each and every one of their products, including G Suite. There are thousands of email hosts on the market. But when it comes to professional and serious email hosting, you can limit the search to these three providers: G Suite, Office 365, and Zoho.